Our Services

Software Solutions

Expert Consultant Company supplies software solutions to the customers both in the forms of tailor-made and off-the-shelf applications. i.e. solutions in ERP, CRM, IT System Security, Telecom Solutions, Business Operation System Solutions, Trading Solutions & Manufacturer Solutions. It also assists customers on acquiring volume license from various software vendors, and suggesting viable solutions for their needs.

Hardware Supply

Along with the software services provided, Expert Consultant Company offers a broad range of support services for an equally broad range of products and technologies, irrespective of suppliers. Ranging from workstation & server installation to LAN/WAN design, implementation, administration and management, Expert Consultant Company provides both on-site and on-call support. Many of these services are provided as parts of local or regional service contracts. Our goal is to provide rapid response, problem solving and technical support services to ensure maximum cost effectiveness and productivity for a customer IT investment.

Open Systems Integration

In order to expand the choices available and protect customers' existing investment, Expert Consultant Company specializes in integrating systems in "OPEN" systems environment. When adopting "OPEN" systems, an organization can develop a customized IT solution framework that satisfies its own unique business requirements. It makes our customers own their IT solutions and enables them to define their requirements in terms of business needs rather than technology itself.

From its vast experience, Expert Consultant Company has found that the most effective solutions often rely on integrating components and services from different suppliers. As a true vendor neutral system integrator, Expert Consultant Company undertakes the role of the prime contractors, and manages the project and risks associated with it as a whole. Thus, based on Expert Consultant Company practical experiences gained over the past five years of system integration and involvement with PEN systems, its approach ensures the engineering and delivery of the best IT solutions to resolve customers' business problem.